Mission Statement

The Department of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology within the Faculty of Life Sciences aims at a mechanistic understanding of ecological and evolutionary patterns and processes from organismic to ecosystem scale. Specifically, we study and teach biodiversity, symbioses, metabolic pathways, ecophysiology and ecosystem functioning in light of environmental change.


Archaea Biology and Ecogenomics

Christa Schleper - Archaea Ecology and Evolution
Silvia Bulgheresi - Environmental Cell Biology
Simon Rittmann - Archaea Physiology & Biotechnology
Filipa Sousa - Genome Evolution and Ecology


Christian Griebler - Groundwater Ecology
Hubert Keckeis - Fish Ecology
Michael Schagerl - Phycology

Molecular Systems Biology

Wolfram Weckwerth - Systems Theory in Ecology and Biology
Stefanie Wienkoop - Plant-Microsymbiont Interaction
Markus Teige - Plant signalling

Verena Ibl - Cell biology in Crop Seeds
Ingeborg Lang - Structural and functional plant cell biology
Steffen Waldherr Computational methods for systems biology

Bio-Oceanography and Marine Biology

Monika Bright - Marine Benthic Ecology
Federico Baltar - Fungal and Biogeochemical Oceanography
Gerhard Herndl - Microbial Oceanography
Thomas Reinthaler - Marine Microbial Biogeochemistry



Simon Rittmann reaches final with Arkeon


"Fusion/fission protein family identification in Archaea"


In search of archaea..


"Reverse Imaging Vienna: Anthropogenic Mass and Its Speculative Futures"


We greatly appreciate all the invited speakers for sharing their inspiring work and unveiling the ocean's charm from different perspectives!


Congratulations, Arindam!

Arindam Ghatak receives Young Investigator Awards 2023 #YIA2023 from University of Vienna, Austria.